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Contact Us

Voiosk Communication Technology 

(Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Add: NO.129 Guanghua Road,

Qinghuai District, Jiangsu, China 

Postal Code: 210014

Tel:0086 25 66772857

Fax:0086 25 68661185

Website: www.

Company News
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Good news: the first satellite mobile receiver of our company has already developed successfully
To update:2010-10-08 Browse number:

      Through 6 month of hard work, the first satellite mobile TV receiver (XD20511) from Voiosk Communication 

Scientific (Suzhou) Co., Ltd has already developed successfully. Through 2 month of outdoor simulation, field sports 

car test, it approves that the performance is stability, the quality is good. The sample of products has already show to 

Dethleffs, CET 28, and they are very like it. Meanwhile, customer also offer some of good suggestions, we will improve 

it pointedly next step.